Our clients

Our firm represents a broad range of clients, both individually and corporately, based in New York, the United States, Germany, France, and other countries. With regards to citizenship matters, we have been a leading firm representing Germans residing in the U.S. who wish to obtain dual citizenship. We also represent U.S. citizens and their children who wish to obtain German citizenship because they are the child to a German father or German mother. In addition, we assist clients - predominantly but not exclusively of Jewish heritage - and their descendants, who plan to apply for re-naturalisation under Article 116, paragraph 2 of German Basic Law.

With respect to visa services, we represent companies in a variety of industries. Some examples include restaurants needing managers to manage their business or chefs to run their kitchen; electronic manufacturing companies needing CEOs and other executives to direct the business; car manufacturers needing technicians or other workers; computer consulting companies needing systems analysts or other IT workers; actors and photographers to name just a few. Our firm can also assist graduating students with their first work visa (H-1B) or visitors who want to extend their tourist visas for an additional period of time (B-1/B-2).